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Dr. Sean Mulligan

Dr Sean Mulligan is a principal investigator and post-doctoral research associate at NUI Galway managing a number of hydraulics projects in the spheres of aeration technology design, hydraulic structures and wastewater treatment. Sean undertook his PhD at IT Sligo where he held an Irish Research Council (IRC) Embark Scholarship (completed in 2015). His PhD research focused on both experimental and numerical modelling of vortex energy dissipation structures.

He is currently an active member of the International Association for Hydro-Environmental Research (IAHR) International Hydraulic Structures group and a member of their International Scientific Committee. He is the lead inventor of a patent pending wastewater treatment technology and has been directly involved in raising over €520,000 of academic and commercial research funding. Sean is an author and co-author on 16 research articles including journal publications in Nature Scientific Reports, ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, IAHR Journal of Hydraulics Research.

Sean provides his expertise in applied hydraulic modelling to EcoAqua to determine optimal farm design.