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Prof. Neil Rowan

 Professor Neil Rowan is Director of Bioscience Research Institute and also holds Adjunct Professorship to School of Medicine at NUI Galway in disinfection, sterilization and biosecurity.
He is lead PI from AIT on the EcoAqua project. He has expertise in microbiology, parasitology and toxicology that is framed upon developing innovations in diagnostics and disease mitigation. He has supervised 17 PhDs and Mentored 14 Postdoctoral Research Fellows in these areas and published over 100 journal papers describing same.
His specific role in this project is elucidating real time profiling of microbial and algal communities in pond production systems along with risk based assessment of aquaculture effluent. He also has strong history of developing and testing innovation for disease mitigation and supporting important cross-cutting training for industry to meet priority needs.


Professor Neil Rowan is lead PI from AIT. He has expertise in the inter-related areas of microbiology, parasitology, toxicology and innovation.