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Online monitoring of microbial and algal communities with nexus to ecotoxicology

Timely developing and testing of real-time molecular diagnostic approaches along with use of flow-cytometry, confocal microscopy and SEM to profile algal and microbial communities in freshwater aquaculture (Figure 1).
It is envisaged that the operational aquaculture parameters will inform composition and stability of these important microbial/algal communities in addition to studies on the contributory role of microbes and algal (and metabolites) on commensurate process. Next-generation studies will investigate development and assessment of bespoke ecotoxicological assays for aquaculture effluent in terms of putative relationship between discharge to receiving waters and environmental protection.
This thematic area will also inform the development of disease mitigation technologies for pond and future Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

Figure 1: Example of use of SEM for visualising microbial communities (x18,000 magnification)