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Stakeholder Meeting

In mid-October 2016, the MOREFISH team hosted some of Ireland’s largest fish producers for a day of talks by international and Irish experts in the area of aquaculture. The day opened with MOREFISH Principal Investigators Dr. Eoghan Clifford and Professor Neil Rowan welcoming the 20+ attendants. The first session of the day consisted of the […]

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EcoAqua ​Project​​ ​Objectives

Increase fish biomass output per unit input (e.g. energy). Increase production efficiency and competitiveness. New production management strategies that minimise environmental impacts (e.g. wastewater treatment; WFD). Develop and demonstrate the use of innovative technologies that improve efficiencies and can accommodate organic classification. Develop benchmarking tools that enable end-users monitor production efficiency and inform key process […]

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Enhancing Production And Sustainability In Irish Aquaculture

MOREFISH is a Dept. of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), multidisciplinary aquaculture project that develops and tests new innovative technologies and novel processes to significantly improve production management and efficiencies at inland aquaculture sites. The project addresses critically important needs identified by end-users including advanced aeration, efficient production management and benchmarking, and deployment of […]

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