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NordicRAS 2017

Nordic RAS workshop (Aalborg, Denmark – 12-13 October 2017

MOREFISH attendance: Alan Kennedy (NUIG), Alexandre Tahar (AIT)

Once every two years DTU aqua and NOFIMA co-organize the Nordic RAS workshop in order to discuss the current development, experiences gained, and recently achieved research results in the field of recirculated aquaculture. Once again after attending in Molde (Norway) two years ago, the MOREFISH attended the year to the 4th international NordicRAS workshop in Aalborg (Denmark). The agenda included 6 different sessions, all very relevant to the aquaculture industry and its future evolution through RAS systems (i.e. water quality, on-growing of different species in RAS, waste treatment, particles and fish health, gases and online monitoring, saltwater RAS).

The varied audience with researchers, fish farmers, governmental organizations, NGOs and consulting agencies from 24 different countries around the world (240+ persons in total) gave a perfect opportunity to consolidate existing links with DTU and Wageningen University and meet new people for potential future collaborations.

More information on this workshop can be found here:

Image courtesy of NordicRAS